By BACT Media Unit – 19 June 2024

With self-care being one of the most important tools for people to keep their physical and mental health in check, and allow the time to balance what’s going on in their lives, Basketball ACT, in partnership with Black Dog Institute, we will be presenting some Mental Health Tips from our basketball community that have helped them manage their mental well-being.

While you will need to find the right solution for your own circumstances, our Mental Health Tips will give you some good starting points, so you switch off, tune in or have the space to work out what’s next…

Mental Health Tips #1 – Peter Herak (Coach – Canberra Gunners), Lucas Schmidt (Canberra Gunners) and Jontee Brown (Canberra Gunners Wheelchair).

You can support Basketball ACT and Black Dog Institute this Mental Health Week by making a donation to our fundraising page. Click the below button to make a donation as we strive for better mental health for our basketball community.

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