Dave Love Coaching Clinic – 2019
Mike Czepil – European Trends
Kevin Eastman clinic
Jacob Jackomas clinic
BTAS Coaches Clinic
NBL Blitz Coaches Clinic 2019
Skills Matrix
Davide Herbert – 2019 Tasman Coaches clinic

Individual Defensive Principles

1. Shadowing the ball – Adam Forde
2. Closing Out – Adam Forde
3. Closing Out 1v1 – Adam Forde
4. Closing Out 2v2 – Adam Forde
5. Defending the Pick n’ Roll – Adam Forde
Kevin Eastman – Characteristics of Great Coaches
Michael Cassidy on “On-Ball Screening” – 2019
Michael Cassidy – Building Your Defense
Matt Woodley – Packline Defense Breakdown Skills
Damian Cotter Coaching Clinic at Basketball ACT
Peter Lonergan on “Off-Ball Screening” – 2019
Peter Lonergan – Developing Athlete Decision Makers
Peter Lonergan – Decision Making Clinic
Peter Lonergan Coaches Clinic March 2017
Peter Lonergan – Skill Development
Peter Lonergan – Post footwork and pivoting
Peter Lonergan – Building Individual & Team Defense
Peter Lonergan – Drills for Building Your Defense
Peter Lonergan Bunbury Skills Clinic
Building & Developing a Successful Basketball Program with Patrick Hunt & Peter Lonergan
Concepts in early offence and post action
Reads and concepts in attacking the switch
Shannon Seebohm ‘Observations from U17 Women’s World Championships 2016
Don Showalter – Teaching Fundamentals – 2019
Developing Female Athletes with Kristen Veal
Nico Loureiro M
Nicolas Loureiro – Individual Skill Development
East Coast Challenge Coaches Clinic – Sydney 2018
East Coast Clinic on ‘Shooting’ by NBA Global Academy Director Marty Clarke

Referee Resources

The link below contains the updated rules and interpretations that will be adopted by Basketball ACT from the 2018 winter season onwards.

FIBA Rules 2018 Interpretations


Travel rule – stationary start – NO CHANGE
Travel rule – moving start – RULE HAS BEEN UPDATED
FIBA – travel rule update 2017 – before dribble while moving – LEGAL
Travel rule – completion of dribble – RULE HAS BEEN UPDATED
FIBA – travel rule update 2017 – after gaining control of the ball
Travel rule – same foot twice
Travel rule – spin move

Unsportsmanlike Fouls

Not a legitimate attempt to play the ball (criteria 1)
Excessive or Hard Contact (criteria 2)
FIBA – unsportsmanlike foul update 2017 – excessive or hard contact
FIBA – unsportsmanlike foul update 2017 – excessive or hard contact
Unnecessary contact by the defensive player in order to stop the progress of the offensive team in transition (criteria 3)
FIBA – unsportsmanlike foul update 2017 – unnecessary contact (NEW)