Basketball provides many different ways to become, or stay, involved in the best sport in the world. Scoretable and statistics are two such opportunities.

Scoretable Officials are an active part of the game and are recognised as such. They perform a number of key functions in the operations of Elite games, which include:

  • lScore and foul keeping on the official scoresheet
  • Scoreboard operation
  • Game clock operation
  • 24 second clock operation
  • Signalling time outs and substitutions to the referees

Scoretable Officials are required to complete an accreditation course, which is conducted by the Basketball ACT. After this, you can avail yourself to be rostered onto games and viola, you are an active part of the ACT Scoretable team!

There are also opportunities to represent the ACT at National Championships (such as Waratah National Finals or Junior Championships) or even vie to represent Australia, as one ACT Scoretable Official managed to do for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

To register your interest in completing an accredited Scoretable course, please fill out the below form:

Scoretable EOI

If you have any further questions about doing scoretable, please email:

M :   P : (02) 6189 0709