Wheelchair basketball was one of the foundation sports at the first Paralympic Games in Rome, 1960.

Wheelchair basketball is open to athletes with a physical impairment. It is played indoors on a regulation basketball court. Players are assigned a point value from 1.0 to 4.5 depending on their level of impairment. Teams consistent of 5 players and must not exceed at total of 14.0 points on the court at any one time.

For more information on Wheelchair Basketball Eligibility, see the Wheelchair Basketball Information Sheet (PDF – updated August 2021).


Canberra Chargers Wheelchair Basketball is a non-for-profit community based club that looks to promote health and friendships through wheelchair basketball. We are an all inclusive club that doesn’t restrict, but encourages participation from players of all ages, experience and disability levels. The Chargers are a forward thinking sporting organisation that is always at the forefront of anything to do with the health of those who have a disability.

Canberra Chargers – Information


Basketball ACT is excited to announce that, in partnerships with Canberra Chargers Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Sports NSW / ACT , a Canberra team will be competing in Basketball NSW’s 2022 Spalding Waratah Wheelchair League – an 8 team competition drawn from a host of clubs across NSW.

The 2022 Spalding Waratah Wheelchair League will be run over 5 weeks (incl Final) at central venues each round in Blacktown, Shellharbour and Minto.

You can keep up-to-date with the 2022 Spalding Waratah Wheelchair League fixtures and results, by clicking below:

2022 Spalding Waratah Wheelchair League – Fixture/Results


Basketball ACT is proud to announce the Canberra Gunners Wheelchair squad to compete in the 2022 Spalding Waratah Wheelchair League.