By BACT Media Unit – 28 September 2023

With Basketball ACT’s Junior Development and Junior Performance Program trials underway, Basketball ACT has been able to strengthen their High Performance Program pathways, to support a greater number of athletes to achieve their goals.

The primary objective of the revamped system, is to offer a high performance program that supports and enables the performance and well-being of athletes and coaches while ensuring all athletes have a quality experience. As our sport continues to grow we need to provide our members with greater clarity between our Territory (State) representative program and the Canberra (Association) representative programs. These changes will also ensure the player performance pathway will be flexible in nature with multiple entry and exit points as athletes develop and get better.

We have increased the number of athletes selected into our representative programs, with greater exposure to higher levels of coaching, while providing greater support to athletes transitioning between the U14 and U16 programs respectively.  We feel these changes will provide greater transparency for athlete and coach selection, assist in addressing the skill deficiencies many of our representative teams have at the National level and  provide a functional performance pathway as athletes advance from development to performance. 

Summary of Redesign for 2024 are: 

  • Review of existing programs to ensure they are still Fit for Purpose;
  • Considered feedback and identified challenges from extensive network of contributors including BA, Partner Associations, Clubs, Athletes, Parents, Coaches and general stakeholders of BACT factoring in ACT unique offerings as a State/Territory body and Association;
  • Outcome of review is to refine current programs offered and establish new ways of operating programs in 2024;
  • Implementation will offer improved talent system approach, aligned pathway and experience for athletes and coaches with the overall goals ensuring the effectiveness of our programs, making our teams more competitive and reducing the costs to our athletes;

Overall Summary of New Programs (TRP, CRP, Futures)

Territory Representative Program: TRP) 

  • Athletes identified for State/Territory teams (Top/Bottom Aged focussed);
  • Elite daily training environment – Team + Individual focussed on preparedness for Nationla Championships;
  • 2x Weekly Team Training (Head Coach Lead);
  • 2x Weekly Skill Development (HP Coach Lead);
  • 1x S&C Development (S&C Coach Lead)

Canberra Representative Program (CRP) 

  • Athletes identified for JPL/SJL teams(Bottom Aged focussed)
  • Preparedness for JPL/SJL;
  • Marquee Competition opportunity ;
  • 2x Weekly Team Training (Head Coach Lead);


  • Athletes identified future development (Not selected in TRP/CRP);
  • Skill development for future selection opportunities in TRP/CRP;
  • 1-2 Weekly Skill Development (Futures Coach Lead);

The new changes have been implemented in parallel to the current Trials, with a view to applying these to the upcoming 2024 representative season.

For further information about Basketball ACT’s Junior Performance Programs, contact:

Leonard King – High Performance and Coaching Development Manager –