By BACT Media Unit – 30 August 2022

Get ready to break a sweat — registrations for our summer competitions are now open! Choose from five exhilarating tournaments and register online today.



Senior Competitions

2022 Athlead Summer Slam

The 2022 Athlead Summer Slam is the top-tier competition for Premier League level playersover Basketball ACT’s Summer season.

Eligible* players nominate themselves into the draft, where coaches select their choice of players for truly unique teams which see rivals playing together, and team-mates on opposing sides.

* Please Note: Only Premier League (Prem 1, Prem 2 and Prem U19’s) players are eligible to nominate for the Athlead Summer Slam draft.


The Senior Summer Open is designed for club teams. These teams will consist of skilled players who would normally participate in the winter’s Senior Premier League 1 & 2 divisions and were not drafted for the 2022 Athlead Summer Slam.

2022 Senior Social – Summer

The Summer Senior Social Competition is designed for senior players who wish to play in a fun and casual setting. Teams will be assigned to divisions based on the players’ skills and experience.

Junior Competitions

2022 Junior Slam

The Basketball ACT Junior Slam is the top tier competition for juniors over the Summer Season. Players will nominate into the draft and coaches will draft players into teams (note conditions for nominations).

The competition has two age groups: U15 and U17. For the 2022 season, the U15 and U17 Girls competition will be combined.

2022 Junior Summer Competitions

The 2022 Junior Summer Competition is designed for all junior age groups (u10s-u19s) and is open to club and non-club teams.

This is an ideal tournament for players of all skill levels to hone their skills while having fun with their friends.