Basketball ACT, on advice from the ACT GOVERNMENT, will enter lockdown from 3pm TODAY – 12 AUGUST 2021 for the required period of seven (7) days.

This will mean that the following will come into effect:

  • Basketball ACT Offices, and Belconnen Basketball Stadium will be closed;
  • All junior and senior competition will be suspended;
  • All casual-shootaround will be suspended;
  • All access to Belconnen Basketball Stadium for training will be suspended;
  • All junior development programs will be suspended;
  • All Sporting Schools programs will be paused.

While Basketball ACT’s Offices will be closed, our staff will continue to work from home.  We ask that you be patient with any requests for information.

Basketball ACT also asks that our basketball family follow the lockdown requirements of the ACT Government.  We know that a lockdown is disappointing and presents a lot of uncertainty, based on other states recent experiences, however, doing your part will assist the ACT Government, health officials and the community get us back on-court doing what we love.  You can find further details about what is required by the ACT Government during lockdown at

You can read Basketball ACT’s MEDIA RELEASE by clicking below: