By BACT Media Unit – 15 December 2022

The 2023 U14 Junior Development trials are now over and coaches have selected their squads.

“Our coaches were impressed with the level of athleticism and talent we had at trials,” said U14 Girls Head Coach Nicole Johnson. Thanks to the multitude of young athletes who participated in this year’s Development trials, coaches had an array of options to build their squads for the new year. 

With careful thought and consideration, Johnson and U14 Boys Head Coach Kelsy Maher built their squads throughout the month. “I am looking forward to the 2023 season for the U14 Boys Canberra team” said Maher. “We have a great squad who are willing to push themselves to their limits and show what the Canberra teams can do.”

Speaking for the U14 Girls’ squad, Johnson noted “We want to help shape brave female players who will be a part of the ACT 14s sisterhood who work hard, have fun, and have a passion for basketball.”

Here are the full lists of players selected for the 2023 U14 Development squads:

2023 Under 14 Girls Squad

Head Coach: Nicole Johnson

  • Aleia Malmercia Staniforth (WCWD)
  • Alice Disney (Girls Grammar)
  • Amali Funnell (Rats)
  • Amalija Stravopodis (Daramalan)
  • Amber Buffier (Rats)
  • Anabela Simovski (Stallions)
  • Anika Gajjala (Burgmann)
  • Ashley Ward (Radford)
  • Audrey Salvage (Rats)
  • Ava Harradine (Vikings)
  • Chloe Ji (Radford)
  • Claudia Ryall (Girls Grammar)
  • Coco Duggan (Queanbeyan)
  • Estelle Walsh (Warriors)
  • Grace Clode (Vikings)
  • Isabelle Eagles (Rats)
  • Jemima Lacey (Rats)
  • Jordyn Townsend (Queanbeyan)
  • Laela Watson (TSC)
  • Liliana Alaimo (TSC)
  • Lyla Richardson (Norths)
  • Madison Hammond (Stallions)
  • Mia Absolon (Rats)
  • Milla Lane (Stallions)
  • Mya Lomu (Daramalan)
  • Olivia Maher (TSC)
  • Rachel Way (TSC)
  • Rebecca Joseph (Rats)
  • Sadie Souverain (TSC)
  • SAMYRA MAHAJAN (Stallions)
  • Scarlett Cooke (TSC)
  • Sneha Merson (Canberra Grammar)
  • Stella Holm (Norths)
  • Zoe Gilmore (Norths)

2023 Under 14 Boys Squad

Head Coach: Kelsy Maher

  • Aarav Kochhar (Radford)
  • Austin Saunderson (Radford)
  • Brock Sligar (Ramblers)
  • Brodie Cosier (Stallions)
  • Brooklyn Hotere (Wests)
  • Bryce Oakley (Vikings)
  • Bryson Abraham (Radford)
  • Carlos Yuan Miguel Velasco (Vikings)
  • Connor Spencer (Rats)
  • Daniel Smith (Rats)
  • Darius Wang (Rats)
  • Hugo Smith (Wests)
  • Jack Djokic (Rats)
  • Jalen Lonergan (Norths)
  • Javi Norris (Canberra Grammar)
  • Kofi Okai (Wests)
  • Matteo Todd (Wests)
  • Maxwell Montelibano (Vikings)
  • Noah Van Der Snoek (WCWD)
  • Oscar Nikoloski (Vikings)
  • Quade McConaghy (Vikings)
  • Rafael Christopher Regala (WCWD)
  • Reuben Ritchie (Rats)
  • Samuel Foster (Canberra Grammar)
  • Sekou Traore (Rats)
  • Sonny Tait (TSC)
  • Stanley Duguid (Norths)
  • Tanae Booker (Wests)
  • Tanish Shinde (Burgmann)
  • Taylan Cakir Johnson (Marist)
  • Viraat Ram Gajjala (Burgman)
  • Wal Wal (TSC)
  • Zavier Janssen (Wests)