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Basketball ACT Terms and Conditions

Privacy and Use of Information
The Club and BACT may use your personal information to:
a) verify your identity;
b) complete background checks;
c) research, develop, run, administer and market programs, awards, competitions, activities and other events relating to basketball;
d) respond to emergency situations involving or requiring medical treatment;
e) administer, manage and provide you with access to basketballact.com.au/, the Basketball Network and other IT based applications; and
f) keep you informed of news and information relating to basketball-related events, activities and opportunities.

The Club and BACT may use health information to ensure that programs we operate are run safely and in accordance with any special health needs participants may require. Health information may also be kept for insurance purposes. In addition, we may use de-identified health information and other sensitive information to carry out research, to prepare submissions to government, or to plan events and activities.
The protection of personal information is important to the Club and BACT. The Club and BACT are committed to respecting your right to privacy and the security of your personal information.

Any issues or complaints in relation to the collection, use, disclosure, quality, security of and access to your personal information may be made to the BACT Privacy Officer at this address:

Privacy Officer
A.C.T. Basketball Inc
PO Box 3268, Belconnen DC ACT 2617
Email: admin@basketballact.com.au
Phone: 02 6253 3066

BACT’s full Privacy Policy can be accessed – here

Terms and Conditions of Participation

You (being the Player or an authorised representative acting on the Player’s behalf) agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of registration below and that the details provided on the registration form are, to the best of your knowledge true and correct. You agree that you either are the Player, or that you have the Player’s authority and consent to bind the Player to these terms and conditions.

Where the Player is under 18 years of age, by completing this Registration form, the parent, guardian or authorised representative of the Player acknowledges that he or she has read and explained the contents of this Registration form to the Player, and consents to the Player being bound by these terms and conditions and to their participation in the sport of basketball.

Rules, Regulations and Policies
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you:
a) agree to be bound by the Rules, Regulations and Policies of Your Club (Club), Basketball ACT (BACT). and Basketball Australia (BA), as amended from time to time;
b) acknowledge that any failure by you to adhere to the Rules, Regulations and Policies of the Club, BACT or BA, may result in you being sanctioned or de-registered; and
c) acknowledge that you may access copies of the Rules, Regulations and Policies referred to above upon request to any of the relevant bodies.

Assumption of Risk
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you acknowledge and agree that:
a) basketball is a body contact sport in which physical injury may occur from time to time; and
b) you take upon yourself the risks arising in the course of participating in basketball and basketball-related activities.

Limitation of Liability and Release
You undertake and agree that you will not hold the Club, BACT or BA responsible for any loss, injury or accident you may suffer as a result of taking part in a match, attending practice or basketball-related activities conducted by the Club, BACT or BA and that you will not make any claim or take any action against the Club, BACT or BA to recover any loss or expense incurred by you as a result of any such loss, injury or accident;

You consent to the Club and BACT using your name or image (including photograph) in any form or medium from competitions or events to promote the sport and communicate with members.
If you object to any photograph or video displayed of you, you should contact the Club or BACT to have the photo or video removed.

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