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Become a Coach

Coaching is a rewarding task that develops our players for the future. The game of basketball can teach coaches and players many life skills in addition to the skills and abilities required for the game itself.

As a coach, it is critical that you understand the rules of the sport. The new FIBA rules are available to you to ensure that you can educate the players under your charge about the rules of basketball.

It is also worth reviewing and gaining an understanding of the by-laws of the competitions Basketball ACT conducts, as these by-laws will include some changes from the official FIBA rules.

In order to become a coach, you should first attend an accreditation coaching course. The current coaching accreditation structure is as follows:

  • Community Coach – Introductory Coaching Principles (non-accredited)
  • Club Coach (formerly Level 1) – ideal for local competition coaches and Development Program coaches.
  • Association Coach (formerly Level 2) – ideal for State Representative coaches.
  • Performance and Master Coach (formerly Level 3) – ideal for elite level coaches.

It will soon be a legislative requirement that all coaches, Club or Representative, hold a valid and current ACT Working with Vulnerable People (“WWVP”) registration. More information on WWVP registrations can be found here.

For more information on becoming a coach, please see the Coaching Courses & Clinics page.






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