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Rules & Procedures

Code of Conduct

Basketball ACT Code of Conduct 2013

BACT Infringement Program – NEW

Infringement System (Effective 10/13)

Competition Rules and By-Laws – Seniors – Effective 05 September 2017

Competition Rules and By-Laws – Juniors – Effective 01 January 2021

Application to Reschedule a Match

Referee Request Form

Please use the above form to request referees for games that aren’t at normal times (eg. Rep practice matches or rescheduled games).

Other By-Laws and Policies

Monies Owing Policy – Effective 8 February 2016

Disciplinary By-Laws

Junior Representative Player Defined

Higher Age/ Development Applications

2021 Winter Higher Age Application

2021 Winter Development Player Application

2021 Winter Higher Age Outcomes

2021 Winter Development Player Outcomes

Time Regulations

BACT Timing Regulations

2021 Winter Finals Eligibility

Under 12 Under 14 Under 16 Under 19
Under 12 Boys 2021 Winter Under 14 Boys 2021 Winter Under 16 Boys 2021 Winter Under 19 Boys 2021 Winter
Under 12 Girls 2021 Winter Under 14 Girls 2021 Winter Under 16 Girls 2021 Winter Under 19 Girls 2021 Winter

Electronic Stadium Scoring

Electronic Stadium Scoring has been introduced at Belconnen Basketball and Sports Centre and paves the way for the eventual phasing out of the paper scoresheet.

Stadium Scoring (Sporting Pulse) User Guide

Stadium Scoring Introduction

Basketball ACT Stadium Scoring Cheat Sheet

Basketball ACT Stadium Scoring Action Guide

Basketball Australia: Stadium Scoring

Heat Policy

Heat Policy

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