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Canberra U14 Girls Team Announced

The Under 14 Girls team has been announced ahead of the U14 Australian Junior Club Championships which will be held in Ballarat from 1-5 October, 2019.

The AJCC welcomes over 48 junior teams from around Australia with Canberra sending one Boys team and one Girls team. Following last years tournament, Head Coach Sean Barnett says he is looking forward to seeing what this years group is capable of.

“The 2019 Under 14 Girls team does not have the height and length of some previous years, but does have speed and athleticism across all playing positions,” said Barnett. “We also have a number of players that have the versatility to play different positions, and to score in different ways.”

With only a few months left before the competition starts, Barnett says that the team will be looking to come together and work on their game plan.

“Offensively we will look to play with a degree of pace in both the full-court and half-court, and want the ball to be moving through hands,” said Barnett. “While we will definitely be spacing the floor, and looking to create shooting and driving opportunities from that, we will balance that with an inside focus.”

U14 Girls Team

Tia Bhaskar (Vikings)

Skylar Bingwa (Norths)

Sophie Brennan (TSC)

Rena Cao (Radford)

Ella Collins (TSC)

Maddie Farrah (Rats)

Grace Kent (Radford)

Eva Lehmann (Rats)

Zara Russell (Dodgers)

Emma Slater (Dodgers)


Ava Boyes (Dodgers)

Emily Warren (Radford)

Sacha Zerger (Radford)


Sean Barnett (Head Coach)

Claire King (Assistant Coach)

Kelly Grandin (Assistant Coach)

Jodie Farrah (Manager)

Looking ahead to the tournament, Barnett says the team has a good blend of new and experienced players which will benefit their game.

“We are fortunate to have three players backing up from the 2018 AJCC campaign,” said Barnett. “We will enter the competition with a core group that is somewhat prepared for the challenges of tournament play.”

Congratulations to everyone involved and best of luck in your preparation for October!


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