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National Performance Program (NPP)

The program is conducted as part of BA’s National High Performance Pathway and provides a quality daily training environment (DTE) to support Nationally identified and other talented athletes who meet  BA’s and BACT’s Selection Criteria. The Program underpins BA’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) and supports BA’s National Program objectives. The NPP Program may have up to 15 athletes in total.   Other identified athletes may be invited to the National Intensive Training Program (NITP), which underpins the NPP, and participate in small group skill development sessions and training camps and other designated activities throughout the year.

Athletes who meet the BA/BACT selection criteria and demonstrate the necessary commitment and improvement in their Club and Representative commitments will be offered opportunities to further assist in their basketball development. The NPP program is focused on long term athlete development by providing technical coaching, strength and conditioning and access to sports nutrition, performance psychology and personal excellence program support.

NPP athletes will have individually tailored Strength and Conditioning sessions twice weekly at ACTAS’s gym under the supervision of ACTAS staff which incorporates physical testing, athlete mobility and strength development programs. Athletes undertake weekly on court individual or small group technical sessions and monthly mini-camps (primarily August through November) to further develop individual fundamentals and team concepts. In addition all NPP athletes complete weekly shooting programs.

NPP athletes may be invited to attend other State NPP training camps or specific individual or team sessions at the BA Centre of Excellence. In addition to competition with their respective State Junior Programs NPP athletes, and other identified athletes, may undertake an international tour every few years.

BA High Performance Goals

  • Build a culture of excellence and performance on and off the basketball court.
  • Develop world class athletes capable of winning medals at Olympics/Paralympics, World Championships and Commonwealth Games.
  • Ensure there are high quality coaches preparing basketball athletes to deliver the best performances when it matters.
  • Deliver an environment that can prepare our national team athletes to win and be the best in the world through the Basketball Centre of Excellence.
  • Provide optimal training, and competition structures (domestic and international) for Australian athletes capable of winning medals.

Canberra & ACT Representative Selection Criteria 


NPP Athletes (Male)

Alex Archer                       Curtis Patterson

Harry Matthew                Charlie Potter

Henry Wallace                 Alex Toohey

Bowyn Beatty                   Airi Wolff

NPP Athletes (Female)

Abby Solway                     Keeley Dunbar

Rosie Schweizer               Pyper Thornberry

Miki Williams                    Natasha Lyall

Maddison Wheatley         Mia Slater

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