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Canberra Capitals Academy Template

2017 Home games at Belconnen Basketball Stadium

Date Time Opponent
Saturday April 29 5:30PM vs Melbourne
Saturday May 13 5:30PM vs Hobart
Saturday May 20 5:30PM vs Albury/Wodonga
Saturday May 27 5:30PM vs Geelong
Friday June 2 5:30PM vs Sydney Uni
Saturday June 17 5:30PM vs Launcestion
Saturday July 1 5:30PM vs Nunawading
Saturday July 8 5:30PM vs Bendigo
Saturday July 29 5:30PM vs Dandenong

The Team

The Canberra Capitals Academy are Basketball ACT’s elite female basketball team. Colloquially known as the Caps Academy, and comprised of both semi-professional and amateur athletes, the team competes in the South East Australian Basketball League (“SEABL”).

The Canberra Capitals Academy are sponsored by Random Computing.


Rosie Schweizer

Hometown: Canberra
Junior club: Girls Grammar
Premier 1 club: Dodgers

Caitlin Rowe

Hometown: Adelaide
Junior club: Ramblers
Premier 1 club: Norths

Mikaela Williams

Hometown: Canberra
Junior club: Wests
Premier 1 club: Wests

Keely Froling

Height: 183cm
Hometown: Townsville
Junior club: Blackstars
Premier 1 club: N/A

Abbie Davis

Height: 183cm
Hometown: Canberra
Junior club: Vikings
Premier 1 club: Vikings

Emma Bourne

Height: 172cm
Hometown: Canberra
Junior club: Wests
Premier 1 club: Wests

Chloe Tugliach

Height: 178cm
Hometown: Brisbane
Junior club: SWM Pirates
Premier 1 club: Wests

Yar Mayen

Height: 166cm
Hometown: Kakuma, Kenya
Junior club: Big Bang Ballers
Premier 1 club: Rats

Callie Bourne

Height: 176cm
Hometown: Canberra
Junior club: Norths
Premier 1 club: Norths

Sarah McAppion

Height: 177cm
Hometown: Canberra
Junior club: Dodgers
Premier 1 club: Queanbeyan

Emma Rowcliffe

Height: 189cm
Hometown: Canberra
Junior club: Queanbeyan
Premier 1 club: Norths


Deb Cook

Position: Head Coach

Tracey Peacock

Position: Assistant Coach