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8 & Unders Making An Impact

Photo by Rosevear Photography

Basketball ACT’s 8 and Under program is making its mark on the community.

Development Officer and Canberra Gunners star, Reece Kaye, originally developed the program in 2017 when he noticed that there was no real link between Aussie Hoops and our local junior competitions.

“8 and Unders is a developmental basketball program for kids moving from Aussie Hoops into competition,” says Basketball ACT’s Development Officer and Canberra Gunners star Reece Kaye, “The program acts as a bridge between the two where they learn skills and how to play basketball. They learn about things such as teamwork, basic game formats and the rules.”

Prior to the program, kids where going straight from Aussie Hoops to playing proper games of basketball with full sized rings.

“Whereas Aussie Hoops focuses on fundamental skills and having fun, 8 & Unders is a combination of that skill development, having fun and understanding how basketball is played,” Kaye adds. “8 & Unders focuses on the team concept of the sport and giving the kids a better understanding of the game and competition.”

Reece’s goal is to keep kids interested in basketball and to help ease them into playing basketball at junior level.

Photo by Rosevear Photography

“It’s a competitive environment where the kids get to play with a heap of different players and hopefully form strong bonds and friendships which they carry into junior competitions.”

The program has been successfully run by Basketball ACT for the past year and has now been adopted by local clubs Belconnen Ramblers and Norths Basketball Club who started running their own 8 & Unders this semester.

“The program is going great!” says fellow Development Officer Chloe Tugliach, “We’ve had great numbers across the board and great constructive feedback from parents about the program and how to grow it.”

With the program expanding to local clubs, it seems as though kids just can’t get enough of basketball!

“The kids love it!” Tugliach adds. “We have some kids that are enrolled in multiple programs so it’s something different for them.”

The ultimate goal for Kaye and Tugliach is to have every club in Canberra operating their own 8 & Unders program.

“Our future goal is that every club will operate their own 8 & Under program to strengthen the U10’s programs and feed into the rest of the junior clubs in Basketball ACT.”

For more information or to register for 8 & Unders, please visit:
8 & Under Basketball

Or contact: Development@basketballact.com.au

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